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Again I find myself in the gray areas that I’m hesitant to get into online because of what it might look like but I’ll say this.

If blue helmets or brown shirts of any type threaten our sovereignty or in any way threatens what America stands for, it will most assuredly mean confrontation. How far it will go depends on those who threaten the United States.

If anyone or group tries to “internationalize” us, as in a push for us to join a global world order I will fight it. You know what, Im just going to stop beating around the bush here.
If the global elites continue to chip away at what my father, grandfathers, and the many many great grandfathers gave their blood to defend then I will do the same.

I will absolutely declare war on the likes of soros, rockafeller, rothschilds, zbigniew brzezinski, the trilateral commission, the council on foreign relations, goldman sachs trying to buy our government, the bilderbergs, la reconquistas, and any other scumbag piece of global elite trash that threatens what the very blood that runs through our veins has been soaked into the soil over the centuries for.

People its good to know the enemy, and the enemy has been named.
If you feel as I do that the confrontation will be unavoidable then it is time to prepare yourselves physically, mentally and logistically, for everything you know could happen.

Its only a matter of time before bailout after handout after bailout comes due to the American people. It doesnt take a genius to figure out that its going to mean outrageously inflated interest rates and taxes and are people REALLY going to be so willing to shell out money to AIG when they see on the news their people living it up in luxury at resorts in Arizona while their struggling to feed their own children because they’ve lost their jobs?! Rampant unemployment is going to mean people cant afford property taxes and we all know what that means as homeowners. I predict this great Nations middle class is going to shift very rapidly over the next couple of years into the revolutionary class. If we can foresee this happening then the time is now to reach out to these people facing these dire circumstances and tell them there is hope. The hope is written in the pages of thousands of history books across the world. For millenia people have been viewed as the sheep and the slaves by their leaders and despotism was the norm. In the late 18th century that all changed with a few GREAT leaders rose to the occasion and said enough. Thus was born our Constitutional Republic. Are we going to give it up to global elites and undo our constitution line by line and revert back to a EuroAmerica?

You can count me as one who will NEVER agree to this and by words affecting the masses or by revolution affecting the few… You can count on me and others like me to draw a line in the sand and dare them to cross it..

My brothers out there if you read this and you think its extreme I have faith you will eventually see the writing on the wall. If you think I happen to be right on point and agree then I urge you to do a couple of things:

Paper fiat currency can devalue overnight considering it isnt backed by any tangible asset. The private federal reserve bank, which is no more federal than federal express, prints this money out of thin air and dumps it into the market and expects to make up the inflation by having our labor pay for it with tax dollars. This is a very flimsy monetary system we have in this country since the abolition of the gold standard and the signing of the 1913 federal reserve act. Silver and gold can never be worth nothing, and if you need a wheel barrel full of devalued paper federal reserve notes to buy a loaf of bread you can count on those coins retaining their value as precious metals.

Sure it sounds paranoid and crazy but please hear me out. Many studies have been conducted about the safety of the water that comes from our taps and the results are nothing but disgusting.
You’ll notice in those articles they try to downplay the situation and dumb it down for everyone. The fact of the mater is that there are so many of these things in the water that several species of freshwater male fish have been developing eggs.
And last but certainly not least, the addition of sodium fluoride “for our dental health”. Want to buy a bridge? I’ll direct you to this article
and another
I’ll let you know that brita or pur filters do not filter any of these things mentioned in the articles above. There is one filter I know of that is effective and its the Berkey. I dont work for them I just own and use their products.

I know this one can be difficult depending on where you may live but it is of the utmost importance. You should try to know where what you’re eating has come from, and the less miles its traveled from field to table the better. This will support local agriculture as well as in most cases protect you from genetically modified (GMO) foods that have been shown to increase cancer risks in lab tests. Most of these local farms are organic and such GMO’s are banned in organic production. If the farm isnt organic is probably just because they dont want to jump through all the government hoops to get certified as such but still follow the same farming practices. I’ve been shopping at farmers markets for a few years now and I can honestly tell you that I feel better physically after I eat these items and theres something to be said for shaking the hand of the person who picked those sweet potatoes and okra you’re buying. Many times all it takes is a drive out to a rural area to find a roadside stand and that is good enough. It will make you feel good helping out this farmer and his family as opposed to lining the pockets of the Samual Walton types and companies that produce these toxic foods like Monsanto.

I started this about 5 years ago and there is quite a bit to it. Among one of the mopst important things I have done is to just talk to my grandparents who are still with us (God bless them). I made it a point to learn what they know before it was too late. I asked my little old down south Grandmother to teach me how to can meats, fish, and vegetables. How to make salt pork and other ways of salt preservation. Tanning deer hides for clothing, tailoring small game skins into warm clothes..etc (We are from the North Carolina Band of Cherokee Indians). I wanted to learn all of these things in case one day these skills were once again needed, and it made her feel good knowing that her knowledge would not be lost with her. I have always been an avid fisherman and hunter so to know ways of shelving my meats without electricity is outstanding. Take a few days off to just go to the woods and camp. I do this alone sometimes for self reflection, something about the wind and the leaves is so surreal. I like to do this during Michigans small game season so I can hunt for forest critters and cook them on my open fire using forest plants and whatnot for flavoring. Speaking of forest plants, my final point on this topic is to learn about plant medicines. There are many books out there that can give you the right start, but a book can only take you so far. Try to find a class or a teacher willing to give you some hands on experience with some of these plants and dosages as many plants can look the same but have very different properties. I’ll give you an example of how effective this can be. For years i suffered from IBS and to date there is no cure, nothing that can mask the pain and symptoms on the market and it was hell. I learned of a plant called Purple Loosestrife that is known as natures filter and is can take harmful chemicals out of the ground and make them inert. It has been used by the Cherokee for thousands of years for upset stomachs so I made a tincture with 100 proof vodka and the dried leaves and flowers of the purple loosestrife. 10 drops and my symptoms are gone. If anyone is interested in things like this PM me and I’d be glad to help the best I can.

So everyone this is it. We need to do a few things here to make sure “their” grip on us is loosened and we will have the ability at any point to drop off the grid if the situation calls for it. I think I’ve been typing for over an hour now, so I’m going to call this one a wrap. I cant wait to jump back in and see your comments.

Thanks for reading.

PS: If “you” want to red flag me for making pro-American statements you can piss-off and go evaluate your own positions. Who do you work for? America or the banking elite?


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ΜΟΛΩΝ ΛΑΒΕ = the reply of the Spartan General-King Leonidas to Xerxes when he told him and his 300 to lay down their weapons. “COME AND TAKE THEM!”


What is The Resistance Project? To whom or what are we resisting against? On behalf of my fellow conservative constitutionalists I feel it is high time to abandon the traditional ways of just sitting back in complacency. The way of life we have taken for granted is now being threatened like never before and the only way we protect it is on the front lines. We need to start spreading the message before its too late, and this is indeed the 11th hour.

We certainly face an uphill battle from this place in history. For too long we have sat idly by and watched as the liberal media spewed propaganda and lies, and the vultures of government feed on peoples ignorance like rotting flesh. This has led us directly to where we are today, with our hands over our faces wondering how this could have happened.

We are now threatened by a congressional majority with dire liberal intent and a fraud of a president all too willing to sign their European style socialist agenda into law. How can we watch as a Republican president blatantly disregards the rule of constitutional law by implementing such bill of rights eroding legislation as the Patriot Act’s I and II? Or signs executive orders granting himself 100% control of government with no congressional oversight if “HE” decides to declare an emergency as with the May 9, 2007 Presidential Directive 51. We need to be raising PURE HELL people! I’ve tried the easy way, emailing and calling my elected representatives. I get the usual reply. Heres an example about my concerns over PDD 51 from Michigan Senator Debbie Stabenow:

August 27, 2007


Thank you . . .

. . . for contacting me about the extensive use of signing statements by President Bush to modify the meaning of laws. I share your concerns about this misuse of power by the President.

One of the features of government that makes our democracy so effective is the separation of powers. All three branches of government play important roles in the balance of power. We depend on the balance of powers to prevent one branch from overpowering the other two branches. This system of checks and balances ensures that each branch of government is able to carry out its job. I am committed to ensuring that we maintain and strengthen this separation of powers.

Should any legislation related to this issue come before me in the Senate, I will be sure to keep your thoughts in mind.

Thank you for contacting me. Please do not hesitate to do so again in the future.


Debbie Stabenow

United States Senator

Ok, so I contacted her again as she suggested to inform her that this was not a bill put before congress, but an executive order she has no say over, and that if ever enacted, she would have no authority to challenge the presidents actions as described in the actual document.

She did not respond.

Now we have a man that no one knows anything about other than a sketchy history and a very short senate run going to be in control of the same directive! The man who has called for a “civilian security force, equal in every way to the US military” to handle domestic situations. A man whos lips can’t move fast enough to cover all of his anti Second Amendment rhetoric of the past. A man who has been deemed the most liberal senator alive with ties to people who believed in bombing buildings of a conservative government as a means to an end. A man who sat and listened to “the most influential man in his life” justifying the 3000+ deaths of innocent men and women on 9/11 and condemning our beloved country to damnation by no one less than GOD!

We the people are the check and balance, and the potentials are what we are resisting..

We won’t give anymore. We wont be pushed into submission by fear or division. This is a constitutional republic and like those before me, there are no lengths I’m not willing to go to defend it.

…more to come.