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November 18, 2008

Again I find myself in the gray areas that I’m hesitant to get into online because of what it might look like but I’ll say this. If blue helmets or brown shirts of any type threaten our sovereignty or in any way threatens what America stands for, it will most assuredly mean confrontation. How far […]


November 12, 2008

I have the designed the defiant slogan ΜΟΛΩΝ ΛΑΒΕ T-Shirts and bumper stickers now available at: Come and Take them! ΜΟΛΩΝ ΛΑΒΕ = the reply of the Spartan General-King Leonidas to Xerxes when he told him and his 300 to lay down their weapons. “COME AND TAKE THEM!”

What is The Resistance Project?

November 12, 2008

We won’t give anymore. We wont be pushed into submission by fear or division. This is a constitutional republic and like those before me, there are no lengths I’m not willing to go to defend it.