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What is The Resistance Project?

What is The Resistance Project? To whom or what are we resisting against? On behalf of my fellow conservative constitutionalists I feel it is high time to abandon the traditional ways of just sitting back in complacency. The way of life we have taken for granted is now being threatened like never before and the only way we protect it is on the front lines. We need to start spreading the message before its too late, and this is indeed the 11th hour.

We certainly face an uphill battle from this place in history. For too long we have sat idly by and watched as the liberal media spewed propaganda and lies, and the vultures of government feed on peoples ignorance like rotting flesh. This has led us directly to where we are today, with our hands over our faces wondering how this could have happened.

We are now threatened by a congressional majority with dire liberal intent and a fraud of a president all too willing to sign their European style socialist agenda into law. How can we watch as a Republican president blatantly disregards the rule of constitutional law by implementing such bill of rights eroding legislation as the Patriot Act’s I and II? Or signs executive orders granting himself 100% control of government with no congressional oversight if “HE” decides to declare an emergency as with the May 9, 2007 Presidential Directive 51. We need to be raising PURE HELL people! I’ve tried the easy way, emailing and calling my elected representatives. I get the usual reply. Heres an example about my concerns over PDD 51 from Michigan Senator Debbie Stabenow:

August 27, 2007


Thank you . . .

. . . for contacting me about the extensive use of signing statements by President Bush to modify the meaning of laws. I share your concerns about this misuse of power by the President.

One of the features of government that makes our democracy so effective is the separation of powers. All three branches of government play important roles in the balance of power. We depend on the balance of powers to prevent one branch from overpowering the other two branches. This system of checks and balances ensures that each branch of government is able to carry out its job. I am committed to ensuring that we maintain and strengthen this separation of powers.

Should any legislation related to this issue come before me in the Senate, I will be sure to keep your thoughts in mind.

Thank you for contacting me. Please do not hesitate to do so again in the future.


Debbie Stabenow

United States Senator

Ok, so I contacted her again as she suggested to inform her that this was not a bill put before congress, but an executive order she has no say over, and that if ever enacted, she would have no authority to challenge the presidents actions as described in the actual document.

She did not respond.

Now we have a man that no one knows anything about other than a sketchy history and a very short senate run going to be in control of the same directive! The man who has called for a “civilian security force, equal in every way to the US military” to handle domestic situations. A man whos lips can’t move fast enough to cover all of his anti Second Amendment rhetoric of the past. A man who has been deemed the most liberal senator alive with ties to people who believed in bombing buildings of a conservative government as a means to an end. A man who sat and listened to “the most influential man in his life” justifying the 3000+ deaths of innocent men and women on 9/11 and condemning our beloved country to damnation by no one less than GOD!

We the people are the check and balance, and the potentials are what we are resisting..

We won’t give anymore. We wont be pushed into submission by fear or division. This is a constitutional republic and like those before me, there are no lengths I’m not willing to go to defend it.

…more to come.



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